Youth in transition

The Post History Generation Goes to University

La generación post-historia llega a la Universidad

This project, led by researchers at the Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), investigates the predictors of academic performance in four countries: Germany, United States, Spain and Korea. More specifically, our goal is to relate, both across and within countries, differences in academic motivation to young people’s lifestyles (engagement in political, religious or extracurricular activities), social media usage (connectedness, internet social capital), character traits (empathy, personality), cultural habits (artistic and aesthetic interests), and demographic background (race, family structure, parental education, etc.) Results will include a book and a series of articles in specialized academic journals.

Research team

Javier García Manglano

Javier García-Manglano
Extension: 802083
Office 2120 (2nd floor ICS)


Charo SádabaCharo Sádaba
Extension: 802292
Office 0710 (Ground floor, Main Library)