Youth in transition

The Post History Generation Goes to University

La generación post-historia llega a la Universidad

This project, led by researchers at the Central Connecticut State University (USA), explores the predictors of academic motivation and performance of undergraduates in four countries: Germany, Spain, the United States and Korea. Among the variables we explore are:

  • political participation: engagement in political, religious or extracurricular activities.
  • social media usage: connectedness, online and offline social capital.
  • character traits: empathy, personality, resilience.
  • cultural habits: artistic and aesthetic interests.
  • demographic background: race, family structure, parental education.

Results for both the Spanish and comparative samples will be published in a book and a series of articles in specialized academic journals.

Research team

Javier García Manglano

Javier García-Manglano
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Charo SádabaCharo Sádaba
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