Youth in transition

The ever-winding path to adulthood

El tortuoso camino hacia la edad adulta

What is it to be an adult? Yesteryear’s view of adulthood has become highly contested. Most youth don’t follow the traditional sequence in their transition to adulthood: leaving home, finishing education, finding a job, getting married and having kids. Some reject this script as something outdated, rigid and limiting. Others would follow the script, but find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of relational instability and job insecurity. As a result, the road to personal and professional stability is now winding and uncertain for many among our youth.

This situation, which for many extends over a decade, has led to the definition of emerging adulthood as a new stage in the life course, separate from adolescence and adulthood. This interdisciplinary project seeks to provide a deeper understanding of the elements that facilitate success in adult life, from the fields of:

  • Social demography: sequence and timing of life-course transitions.

  • Sociology of relationships: attitudes and behaviors towards family and romantic relationships.

  • Psychological maturity: development of cognitive and emotional skills and abilities.

  • View of work: professional attitudes, decision-making skills.

Research team

Javier García Manglano

Javier García-Manglano
Extension: 802083
Office 2120 (2nd floor ICS)


Charo SádabaCharo Sádaba
Extension: 802292
Office 0710 (Ground floor, Main Library)