Religion and Civil Society

Symbolic transferences of meaning between the political and the theological in Late Medieval Iberia

Transferencias simbólicas

Nothing is more tangible than the effects of the power, nothing less tangible than the power itself. For this reason, going from the effects to what produces them, this Project proposes to research on several forms of representation of power (ceremonies of coronation, oaths, and emblems) in the later centuries of Late Medieval Iberia, by doing a comparative approach with other kingdoms of Western Europe such as France and England. These forms of representation of power are encouraged by the monarchy and projected upon the social estates.

This implies to analyse the presence and interpretation of stable symbols perceived by the people such as the emblems and crowns, and the symbols used during the ceremonies of particular civic meaning. These signs and symbols of power will be approached through different sources: historical texts, ceremonials, miniatures, testimonies and emblems. For this aim, we will try to integrate different disciplines: history, liturgy, art history, and political theory.

Our investigations on the idea of power and its representations have manifest practical projections. So, the conclusive results of the project may be applied to the political practical thanks to the eventual cooperation of the sociologists and political scientists and the use that they may do based on our data, ideas, and interpretations. Knowledge about political symbols and a deep understanding of their meanings may increase the symbolic understanding of the citizens. This may complement rather than eliminate the typical rationalism or our era.  


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