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Understanding the primary challenges of our time with real information

Poverty, corruption, intercultural coexistence, immigration, education... These are some of the primary challenges facing societies today and they demand answers. But to offer real and sustainable answers, we must rigorously address these challenges.

That is why ICS conducts research in the humanities and social sciences— which correspond to areas of knowledge that allow us to understand the main challenges of our time and to find creative ideas capable of sowing the seeds of a better future. Based on academic rigor, ICS seeks to provide useful proposals for a variety of social agents, including companies, families, politicians, and private citizens...

With the premise that every innovation generated by its projects promotes a social transformation, the Institute aims to contribute to society’s overall well-being.

A model for excellence with an identity of its own

ICS is a unique research center in Spain. It is modeled after the best centers in the world, which demonstrate good practices and common patterns of excellence. This inspiration, along with a model consolidated over more than half a century at other University of Navarra centers, such as the Clinica Universidad de Navarra, IESE, and the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA), has contributed to creating a different and innovative center with an identity of its own.

Engaging international talent

Our people constitute ICS’s most important asset. Indeed, we pride ourselves on attracting excellent researchers— both young and more experienced— from cultures and academic communities around the world. Specialists trained at top universities in fields such as philosophy, communication, neuroscience, linguistics, economics and political science, among others, coordinate their work within ICS’s diverse lines of research.

Each team has both a fixed core of scholars that guarantees the stability and direction of the project and a rotating group of visiting scholars that favors the introduction of new ideas and ways of doing things. A demanding evaluation system guarantees the quality of their overall production.


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