Education of Human Affectivity and Sexuality


This research project includes 4 research subprojects: three of them consisting in a collection and analysis of internal data and a fourth ona which review and an analyze external data as well as othrsubprojects for the social transfer of scientific results.

Research subprojects:


Evaluación de centros educativos

Theoretical and conceptual framework


Diganostic evaluation of schools

Guía de calidad programas educacion sexual



A quality guide for sex education programs


AMAR: Antecedents of Marital Adjustment Research


Analysis of data on youth from other sources


E(f)FECTS Project


Besides these researches, there are the following PhD research within the 'Education of Human Affectivity and Sexuality' project:

Principal investigator

Jokin de Irala
Institute for Culture and Society
Main Library
University Campus
31009 Pamplona

General contact:
Alessia Pessina
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 425600
Ext: 803430