CREATIME. Time in the creative mind

With time in mind

Creatime. Time Concepts and their Expression

CREATIME seeks to understand human creativity by studying how we imagine and represent time. We conceive and measure time in various ways, live for the moment or think in terms of vast diachronies, travel in time, compress it, expand it, make it disappear... Across cultures and modalities of communication, temporality is associated with multiple expressions, goals, and emotions.

CREATIME proposes that we construct temporal meanings in more complex, creative, and flexible ways than we currently think. To expose the patterns for time in our minds, the CREATIME team goes beyond the lab and the dictionary, comparing big data from speech, gesture, poetry, and film.

Interested in CREATIME? Do you have a congenial undergraduate, graduate or postdoctoral project? Would you like to work with us? Would you like to apply for external funding with us? Email one of our leading researchers and tell us about your ideas.

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Main Researcher

Inés OlzaInés Olza
Extension: 802226
Office 1100 (1st floor, ICS)


Cristóbal PagánCristóbal Pagán
No extension
Table (1st floor, ICS)

Research Team

Javier Valenzuela (University of Murcia)
Anna Piata(University of Neuchâtel)
Daniel Alcaraz Carrión (Lancaster University)
Adriana Gordejuela (University of Navarra)
Diego Jaén (University of Murcia)


Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad

FFI2015-70876-P (MINECO/FEDER, UE)