Creativity and Cultural Heritage


Julia Pavón
Principal investigator
Office ICS: 1130 (1st floor)

Office Humanities and Social Sciences: 2160 (2nd floor, Main Library)


PhD in history from the University of Navarra, where she works as a professor of Medieval History. She is also director of the Department of History, History of Art and Geography at the University of Navarra. Her research focuses on the early Medieval History of the Kingdom of Navarra and the culture of death at this time.

Project: Institutional and Cultural Networks and Itineraries

Anna Dulska

Anna Dulska
CVN · Personal website
Extension ICS: 805617
Office 1120  (1st floor, ICS)


PhD in History (University of Navarra), a Master’s in Sociology (Public University of Navarra), and a bachelor’s in History (Pontifical University of John Paul II, Kraków) and Business Administration (Jagiellonian University, Kraków). Her research focus on Medieval and Contemporary History.

Project: Sefarad

Albert Recasens Albert Recasens
Office: 1140
Extension: 805631

PhD in Musicology from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. He developed his studies at institutions such as the Professional Conservatory of Vilaseca y Salou, the Escola de Música in Barcelona, the Stedelijk Conservatorium van Brugge and the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Ghent. He combines performance, management and musicological research. He is artistic director of La Grande Chapelle.

Project: DeMúsica