Examples of projects with an impact

Below are some of the initiatives that have had the most impact.

Online hate against European Women Leaders: a Corpus-Assisted Multimodal Critical AnalysisOnline hate against European Women Leaders

It investigates online misogyny, such as gender-based hate speech, rape threats and image-based sexual harassment, against political and institutional figures in Europe.

Qur'an and Qital. The violence against the Other in a historical critical deradicalizing perspectiveViolence in the Islamic message

It pursues to analyze the evolution of violence within the framework of the Islamic message from a comparative perspective.

AMAR Project: Antecedents of Marital Adjustment Research

The keys to marital success

It explores  factors that lead to stability and happiness in marriage in order to help young people build a happy marriage relationship.

Intangible aspects of Palliative CareIntangible aspects of Palliative Care

It studies the intangible, hidden or little known aspects of the experiences of the sick person, family, or professional who cares, which can contribute to a deeper understanding of the terminal situation.

Addiction, personality and tolerance to frustration: A neuro psychological studyAddictions and tolerance to frustration

Its objective is to determine if frustration acts as a mediational variable between personality traits and dropout and relapse rates found in Project Man’s educational-therapeutic program.


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