Institute for Culture and Society

ICS Annual Meeting

The Institute for Culture and Society launched its annual meeting in 2010 to foster inter-project communication and to exchange project findings.

  • I ICS Annual Meeting

    Palacio de Arazuri, 18/01/2010

  • III ICS Annual Meeting: Research and Social Innovation

    Salón de actos de la Biblioteca de Ciencias, 20/11/2013

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  • IV ICS Annual Meeting: Technology and Society

    Salón de actos del Hexágono, 20/11/2014

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  • V ICS Annual Meeting: 'The challenge and practice of multidisciplinarity

    Aula 1 del Museo Universidad de Navarra, 19/11/2015

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  • VI ICS Annual Meeting: The social projection of research

    Aula ICS, 17/11/2016

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  • VII ICS Annual Meeting: Development and social bonds (I): approaches to happiness'

    ICS Lecture Hall, 17/11/2017

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  • VIII ICS Annual Meeting: Development and social bonds (II): family bonds


    Aula ICS - Siemens Gamesa

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