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Information update on the beginning of the academic year


Last update: 5 October     

The University is committed to continuing in-person classes, adapting flexibly to the pandemic situation as it develops and in line with the indications of the health authorities at all times. Below we explain the measures for the Pamplona campus:

- At the Madrid campus, employees registered in Madrid who wish to be vaccinated or who have not received the second dose can call the vaccination hotline: 900 102 112. In the case where someone is on a temporary stay at the campus and is not registered in the Community of Madrid, the visitor must request a certificate from the Graduate Secretary's Office certifying that he/she works on the University campus and request an appointment by calling the telephone number indicated.

Also, the University is collaborating in the vaccine delivery program which depends on the Department of Health of the Government of Madrid. When the Master's programs begin, students will be informed on how to proceed on a case-by-case basis. 

- In order to monitor the prevalence of the pandemic at the University and to maintain safety on campus, students will be required to submit one of the following certificates: a Vaccination Certificate, a Certificate of Recovery or a Certificate of Diagnosis. 

The aim is to have sufficient information to take appropriate measures to maintain safety on campus.

- The following measures including Capacity, hygiene rules and mandatory wearing of facemasks in all university buildings will be maintained. Professors may teach without facemasks as long as they maintain a minimum of 2 meters distance in the classrooms.

- Professors have received indications on the in-person teaching hours and other issues such as planning schedules, foreseeing additional work in addition to the class, drawing up timetables, etc.


The University reminds you of the importance of complying with the basic rules of prevention and hygiene. Wearing a face mask, keeping interpersonal distance and frequent hand washing are effective in avoiding the risk of infection.

Compliance with these measures will be ensured with the help of security personnel and porters. The University will have no option but to sanction students who repeatedly engage in irresponsible behavior, putting the health and safety of others in danger.