Vacunas y pasaporte covid


The Regional Government of Navarre has authorized the administration of vaccines to students.


Please read the important information below regarding the documentation which will be requested from all students.

  1. Students will be requested to provide information on their current vaccination status (vaccinated, have not received the second vaccine dose or not vaccinated). Students regardless of their situation will have to fill in the information required in the form.

  2. This information will be made available to the Navarre Health Service who will give instructions about how to proceed. Students who are not vaccinated will receive a mRNA vaccine (Pfizer-BioNtech or Moderna).

  3. After gathering information about each individual student, they will be given instructions on how to proceed, depending on their specific case.

  4. The vaccination will be carried out at the Forem facilities in Mutilva (Navarra).

As regards the students of the School of Engineering in San Sebastian, the University will collaborate with the Health Department of the Basque Government in facilitating access to vaccines.

Also, the University is collaborating in the vaccine delivery program which depends on the Department of Health of the Government of Madrid. When the Master's programs begin, students will be informed on how to proceed on a case-by-case basis. 

COVID Passport

In order to monitor the prevalence of the pandemic at the University and to maintain safety on campus, students will be asked to submit one of the following certificates: 

  1. Vaccination certificate: Certificate proving completed vaccination protocol.

  2. ​​​​​​Certificate of Recovery:​​​​​​ Proof of infection within 180 days prior to accessing campus, via a medical Covid diagnosis, PCR or antigen test.

  3. ​​​Certificate of diagnosis: A negative PCR test (up to 72 hours before)

Students who do not have any of these three documents at the beginning of the academic year must take a free PCR test upon arrival at the University, from 26 August onwards.

This process is independent and complementary to the vaccination process.

In addition, employees are also welcome to provide this information by filling out this form (no certificate is required).