Questions and answers


The University will not oblige students to present a negative PCR test at the beginning of the academic year and does not plan to carry out random testing. Those coming from other countries should consult and comply with the provisions in force at that time by the health authorities. (

This is not currently planned, given the existing prevalence of the virus. 

The University recommends vaccination. In Spain, the health authorities intend to vaccinate the entire population before the end of 2021.

According to information received from the health authorities, all students will be vaccinated according to their age, regardless of their origin.

The Government is responsible for vaccination in Spain.  It is not a decision for the University. 

The decision to vaccinate students in internships in healthcare programs was taken by the regional government. If the Health Departments in Navarre, the Basque Country or Madrid so decide, the University could facilitate the vaccination process on its campuses. 


This has to be confirmed by the authorities. It is possible that capacity will be increased.

At the present time, it is still necessary to wear a face mask. It is advisable to use face masks with FPP2 certification. They have proven to be very effective in preventing transmission. In a context of foreseeable increase in capacity, the recommendation to use these face masks would be a reasonable measure to better ensure safety.

Currently, the University still considers this measure necessary. We are aware that it is very uncomfortable to teach in these circumstances and we will try to rescind this requirement, the epidemiological situation permitting and in line with the healthcare regulations then in force. In any case, and only for the duration of the class, the professor will be able to use a mask other than the FP2 if this model is particularly uncomfortable.

This will be decided by the health authorities. As long as there is virus circulation, however minimal it may be, the use of the face mask is also recommended outdoors.

Yes, the University will continue to provide this service, in the same conditions as this academic year. Among other reasons, because the principle that anyone with symptoms should not come to the University will remain in force. It is very important to keep this idea in mind: if you have any symptoms, don't come to campus.  Staff and students can contact Covid area at or 679 358 074.

Yes, special cleaning measures will continue to be in place to ensure maximum hygiene. Hand sanitizers will also be available, as proper hand hygiene is still recommended.

Yes, the criteria implemented this past academic year will still apply.

There will be more face-to-face teaching. In terms of schedules and number of classes, normality will be restored to a large extent.

Exemptions from class attendance are not foreseen at this stage. However, in the event of contagion and the need for confinement, classes will be broadcast, as was done during the 20-21 academic year. This will remain the case as long as there is a risk of contagion.