Latest update: July 20th


Summary of Immigration law


The European Union document is a recommendation that each country of the Union has to adapt. Spain has published in the BOE (Official State Gazette) an order specifying that people with study stay authorization (student visa or TIE) can enter Spain even if their country is banned. They will also have to provide proof of health insurance valid for the whole period of stay. Entry in Spain will not be allowed until 15 days prior to the start of the academic year (Start of the academic year is on September 1). 

We recommend direct flights to Spain whenever possible.

Remember that the TIEs of students that expired after December 15, 2019 are still valid to enter Spain. Its validity is extended for 6 months from the end of the alarm state.



If you have received a notice from the  Extranjeria Office that your TIE card is ready, you will be able to pick it up in person this week starting Tuesday (June 2nd). Their office will be open for you to pick up the cards every Tuesday and Thursday from 15h to 18h. For more information.


BOE (Official State Bulletin) issued on 20 May 2020

CASE 1: If your TIE expires during the current state of alarm (since 14 March 2020 and still in force) or expired during the previous 90 days, your legal residence is automatically extended from the day after the expiration date of the TIE. The extension will last 6 months, starting from the end date of the state of alarm.

CASE 2: If your TIE expired during the state of alarm or in the previous three months, you started the renewal process and you had not yet received a response to the request, you also benefit from an automatic extension.

CASE 3: If your TIE expired during the state of alarm period or in the previous three months, you started the renewal and received a positive response to the extension, the automatic extension will be applied if it authorizes you to stay longer in Spain than the extension you have received.It does not matter that you could not keep the appointment for fingerprints due to the state of alarm.

Therefore, if you find yourself in any of these cases, your TIE, even if it appears as expired, will still be valid. In these cases, you can return to start the 2021-22 course with your passport and the expired TIE.  But keep in mind that, 6 months after the end of the state of alarm, you will have to request another extension, as usual.

CASE 4: Incoming exchange or International Foundation Program students: if you are still in Spain with a 180-day visa that expired during the state of alarm period (from 14 March 2020), and you cannot return to your country, your visa will be automatically extended for an additional 3 months from the end of the state of alarm.

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