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New restrictions en the Basque Country affecting the University

​​​​​​​Last update: 19 November 2020      

The Government of the Basque Country has approved new restrictions on October 26 and November 7 that are still in effect.

Implemented in Provincial Order 36/2020, of 26 October, and Provincial Order 38/2020, of 6 November, a modification of the former, are a perimeter confinement of the entire Autonomous Community, the limitation of non- essential movement in and out of the region, and a nighttime curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

However, the decree does allow justified movements including going to work, attending health or teaching centers or returning to your place of habitual residence, among others.

Ordinary face-to-face activity for both professionals (professors and employees) and students will continue for now at the San Sebastian campus (TECNUN School of Engineering and CEIT) from 08:00 to 20:30.

When it is necessary to enter and leave the Region or travel between municipalities:

  • Students will use their University card and a copy of their University registration, available at MiUnav, as proof.

  • Employees should apply for a letter from the Personnel Management Service.

  • Visitors, guest professors and other guests can obtain a mobility certificate from M.ª José Aramburu (



Given the situation of the pandemic and following the indications of the health authorities and the legal provisions, the University recommends that students and professionals do not travel outside the Region during this time.



These events will be held remotely, where appropriate.

It is recommended to hold meetings online whenever possible.


The University reminds you of the importance of complying with the basic rules of prevention and hygiene. Wearing a face mask, keeping interpersonal distance and frequent hand washing are effective in avoiding the risk of infection.

The compliance of these measures will be ensured with the help of security personnel and porters. The University will have no option but to sanction students who repeatedly engage in irresponsible behavior, putting the health and safety of others in danger.