Latest measures


New restrictions in Navarra affecting the University


Last update: June 11     

The latest measures approved by the Government of Navarra after the end of the state of alarm, last 9 May , following the order of the Administrative Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Navarra (TSJN), annul the curfew and the perimeter confinement of Region of Navarre.

The measures will affect some services and activities:




​​​​​The capacity allowed in Libraries, being a university campus, is 50%. They will be open until 21.00.



All activity in the sports center must end before 21.00. At that time, the facilities will be closed. There will be a maximum of 30% capacity inside the facilities and during activities, while outside it must be no more than 40%. The use of changing rooms and showers is not allowed.


Virtual means must be used for all group work by students within the curricular activity. When these projects require the use of facilities, equipment or materials from the University and it is not possible to maintain a safety distance of 1.5 meters, the use of FFP2 face masks is recommended.

For any questions regarding these measures, you can contact the Joint Health & Safety Office (


These events will be held remotely, where appropriate.

It is recommended to hold meetings online whenever possible.


As of January 11, all campus cafes are open, with a maximum capacity of 30%, according to current regulations due to the pandemic. 

  • Hexagon: 07.45-17.30

  • Architecture: 08.30-16.00

  • Central Building: 08.30-17.00

  • Communication: 08.30-18.00

  • Central library: 08.30-17.00

  • Dining hall: 13.00-16.00

  • Science Library:09.00-15.00



Celebrations cannot exceed 30% of the maximum capacity allowed. In addition, the distance of 1.5 meters between people should be kept.

The maximum capacity of each chapel is the following:

  • Central Library: 17 people

  • Central Building: 11 people

  • Ecclesiastical Faculties: 13 people

  • Sciences: 61 people

  • Architecture: 16 people

  • Amigos: 72 people

  • Social Sciences: 14 people

  • Research: 19 people

The updated capacity will be indicated on the doors.






As approved in the Provincial Order 61/2020 of 25 November, capacity is increased to 200 people for Theater events and will stay at 30% in other spaces.

The restaurant will remain closed but the Terrace of the Museum will open from Tuesday to Sunday between 12.00-17.00.


The University reminds you of the importance of complying with the basic rules of prevention and hygiene. Wearing a face mask, keeping interpersonal distance and frequent hand washing are effective in avoiding the risk of infection.

The compliance of these measures will be ensured with the help of security personnel and porters. The University will have no option but to sanction students who repeatedly engage in irresponsible behavior, putting the health and safety of others in danger.