Preventive measures and hygiene

On campuses, at the beginning of the academic year, the following measures will remain in place:


Cleaning of spaces. The frequency of cleaning will be scaled back to the schedule in place prior to the pandemic, with some exceptions: enhanced frequency will be maintained for bathrooms, meeting points and other areas where eating is permitted. Also, disinfection kits will be available so that everyone may clean the material and common areas they have used or are going to use.

Also, disinfection kits will be available so that everyone may clean the material and common areas they use.



Hand hygiene. Hand sanitizers will remain at the entrance to buildings, in lecture halls, classrooms, meeting rooms and workspaces.



Facemasks. Facemasks remain mandatory indoors, and outdoors when the 1.5 meter interpersonal distance cannot be guaranteed. When the established social distance cannot be guaranteed indoors, an FPP2 facemask is recommended.


Professors may teach without masks as long as they maintain a minimum 2 meter distance. Classrooms that allow for this possibility will be clearly signposted.



Interpersonal social distancing. In workspaces, lecture halls, seminar rooms, etc., interpersonal social distancing will remain as indicated in the regulations. At the moment, this is 1.2m. In cafes and meeting points, the interpersonal social distance is 2m between those who are eating and drinking. Facemasks may be removed when eating or drinking. See recommendations here in relation to eating and drinking.



Ventilation of spaces. The measures to adequately ventilate spaces will also remain in place.  If there is any doubt about the effect of such ventilation, CO2 monitors may be used. Current health and safety signs will remain along with the other preventive measures, as well as capacity limits.



Señalización. Campus signposting regarding the preventive measures and capacity limits will remain in place.



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