3. Way of St.James Project


The Way of St. James, first European Cultural Itinerary (1987), Patrimony of Humanity (1993) and Prince of Asturias Concord Prize (2004), is a legendary route which has been transited by millions of pilgrims over the centuries and crosses the UN campus during its traversal of Pamplona.

Therefore, in 2003, the UN together with the rest of the Spanish universities located along the French Way, began issuing the University Jacobean Accreditation with the objective of  promoting the Way of St. James among the university community on the international level.

The promotion of this project involves new goals for the following years:

  • Participation in university forums in different countries
  • Doctoral dissertations
  • Creation of a Jacobean Bibliographical Collection
  • Information point on the Way of St. James on campus