1. Museum of Contemporary Art

The architect Rafael Moneo is developing the plans for the museum which will house a hundred of Picasso, Rothko, Tápies, Oteiza or Chillida works (among other artists).

The construction of this building is underway at this time, with the total surface area of the building being 10,911 m2, and the usable surface area being 9,468 m2.

Some of the general characteristics of the building are: open, close to the city; flexible and expandable, foreseeing the future; with possibilities of hosting receptions, concerts, etc.; logically, it will have dedicated spaces for each area (permanent and temporary exhibits); a library; studios for artists; a cafeteria and faculty club; a garden which will also be a museum; halls dedicated to teaching (families, schools and the elderly); an auditorium-theater; office space and rooms for housing the Cultural Activities Service, etc.