1. Biohealth Area

Center for Bioengineering
The mission of the new Center for Bioengineering of the University of Navarra is to perform research in order to generate radical technological innovations applicable to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Some of the most outstanding research results will be: new multifunctional implants, realistic 3D simulators, personalized surgery or simulation of surgery in real patients or the design of medical instrumentation specifically for assistance in surgery, among others.

Center for Research in Nutrition 
The general objective of this new Center for Research in Nutrition of the University of Navarra consists in promoting quality research, as well as contributing support for services related with "-omic" platforms and studies of nutritional intervention.

Among the objectives of the new Center are: Research of new strategies and therapeutic targets involved in the regulation of body weight gain and produce individual diets for use in the treatment of obesity, via nutrigenomics.

Center for Research of Neglected Diseases
The principal objective of this center is to promote scientific research oriented to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these diseases (neglected diseases), which have no investments due to their lack of profitability.

The Center will tackle 3 pandemics affecting those developing countries: sickle-cell anaemia, Chagas Disease and Brucellosis.

The objective sought is to aid developing countries, converting them into participants in the study of the diseases that they harbor, so that a true association-collaboration is established in the ambit of research into those diseases that affect them in a particular way.

Center for Research in Applied Pharmacobiology (CIFA)
The CIFA has more than 20 years of experience collaborating with the biohealth industry, especially with studies of pharmacokinetics and toxicology in animals. The impulse deriving from the creation of new research centers at the UN makes it foreseeable that the activity of the CIFA will be increased to a significant degree.

The Horizon 2015 Project proposes a remodeling and expansion of the facilities of the Center, so that it will be able to develop R&D projects in collaboration with industry and permit in addition specific professional formation of personnel of high value for the biohealth industries.