1. Teaching Faculty Projects

1.1 Design and implementation of a System of Innovation in Instruction and Learning (SIENA)
The University has an Educational Innovation Service (SIE) which has collaborated in the instructional formation of professors; in the renovation of teaching methodologies and the implementation of the principles of the EHEA; as well as the promotion of greater use of computer-aided instructional tools.

1.2 Implementation of systems of governance and coordination of teaching
The implementation of these new curricula should go hand-in-hand with tracking in order to supervise the effective carrying out of the instruction, assuring that the curricula are being taught according to the initial plan, as well as informing society of their quality and continual improvement.

1.3 "General Formation" Project at the University of Navarra
It includes the development of the skills proper to university students; of their critical capacity and deep analysis of problems; as well as the fostering of attitudes of solidarity and social responsibility.

1.4 New Computer application adapted to the internships of Degree Programs
The University of Navarra has developed a computer application which seeks to improve the tracking of the internships that the students from various degree programs participate in