Employment opportunities

The Degree in Psychology ensures that you receive the academic training required to pursue a career in a range of different areas: education, business, clinical practice, healthcare, social psychology, research, etc.

The following in particular are worth mentioning:

  •  Clinical and Health Psychology: The basic training provided by the degree program and the specialization in health provide access to the master's degree, which enables graduates to work in hospitals and mental health centers, various types of specialized centers, and private practices. This profession is specially regulated in Spain.

  •  School Psychology involves psycho-educational support and counseling at education centers and schools, as well as special education centers.

  •  Occupational Psychology is a fundamental aspect of human resources departments in companies. This branch of psychology also features in external and independent consultancies.

  •  The legal and procedural areas of family and juvenile courts, and prison units.

  •  Social Psychology for working with minors at social risk, drug addicts, people with addictive behaviors, care for the elderly, ethnic minorities, etc.

  •  Sports Psychology. Education centers, high-performance sports centers, sports teams, health centers and leisure centers.

  •  The study of consumer behavior, the power and impact of marketing, and the influence of advertising on people's purposeful behavior. It is becoming more common for marketing departments and advertising agencies to employ psychologists.