Professional Prospects

Now that I have a Degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering, where can I start working?


Graduates acquire a set of academic and technological knowledge that gives them a conceptual vision when it comes to designing industrial and operating equipment, machines, systems, components and processes.

Contribution to Society

Forming part of technical management and working on design teams, research teams and teams to improve industrial processes will give you the opportunity to improve product and process reliability, sustainability, costs, ergonomics and safety, and also design new products and processes with greater added value.

Your contribution to society will come from the equipment, installations, products and machines you work on that are used every day to make our lives safer and more convenient.


A quick look at the industrial community shows that most companies are small or medium-size firms, also known as SMEs. These companies are looking for graduates in engineering with more of a general profile than a specialized one. Engineering graduates without a clear vocation for any specific field of technology; engineering graduates who are curious, love knowledge and have great capacity for learning.