Credit Recognition/Transfer

1. Studies done in other curricula that lead to the obtainment of official undergraduate degrees at the University of Navarra or any other university that provides instruction in these and equivalent degree programs may be recognized in accordance with the following basic rules:

  • Provided the degree program to which the student is applying for admission belongs to the same branch of knowledge, at least 15 ECTS credits corresponding to the basic subjects of this branch will be recognized.
  • Credits obtained in other basic subjects belonging to the branch of knowledge of the degree program to which the student is applying for admission will also be recognized.
  • The remaining credits may be recognized in line with the provisions of point 3.

2. Credits earned at other official higher education centers or universities that lead to the obtainment of other qualifications, as provided for in Article 34.1 of Organic Law 6 on Universities of 21 December 2001, may also be recognized.

3. In all cases, in order to assess recognition, the correspondence between the skills and knowledge associated with the subjects undertaken by the student or associated with previous work experience, and those set out in the curriculum or that are cross-disciplinary in nature, will be taken into account.

4. Credits corresponding to final year projects cannot be recognized.

5. Participation in university cultural, sports, student council, charity and cooperative activities that are approved by the Office of the Executive Council or by each Center will receive academic recognition, up to a maximum of 6 ECTS credits, in accordance with the provisions in each curriculum.

6. Moreover, subjects taken at other universities within the framework of an exchange program or partnership agreement signed by the University will also be recognized.

7. These recognized credits will be reflected in the student’s academic transcript and will count towards obtaining the official degree once the fees established in each case are paid.

8. The academic transcript will also include any credits earned in official education programs that did not lead towards obtaining an official degree.

9. All credits obtained by the student in official education programs taught at any university, transferred credits, recognized credits and the credits earned in the corresponding degree program will be included on the academic transcript and reflected in the European Diploma Supplement.

10. Students must submit their recognition application to the Office of the Registrar for registration. The application should also contain an academic transcript indicating that the program and all the subjects to be recognized were passed.

  • The Office of the Registrar will send the recognition file to the center in charge of the degree program.
  • The recognition committee will assess the skills acquired in the previous studies and will issue the required recognition report.
  • After examining the recognition report, the Office of the Executive Council will issue the corresponding decision.
  • The Office of the Registrar will communicate with the student by regular mail and email.
  • 11. Each degree program will have a recognition committee appointed by the center in charge, which will carry out the corresponding study of accredited skills to issue the recognition report.