Student Assistance

Support and guidance systems for students

Since it was founded, the University of Navarra has been known for the personal attention it provides students. Mentoring falls within this context of personal assistance to ensure that all students receive advice and guidance starting in their first year until they complete their University studies.
As often happens in sports and other activities, assistance from a mentor can ensure students’ work is more effective because this assistance provides stimulus to overcome obstacles, avoid errors and discover opportunities. Some intellectual, personal and social habits are easier to learn with the help of a mentor.

Scholarships and financial aid

The School has Job Listings students can apply for to cover their personal expenses. These jobs include:

  1. Support in the introductory course to the first year of the Degree in Engineering

  2. Helping students in the self-enrollment process

  3. Support during Open Days

  4. Jobs in Library Services throughout the academic year

  5. Collaboration with the International Relations Office to organize activities for international students

  6. Student Advisors: helping Spanish and international students

  7. Creating Word documents from students’ class notes

  8. Updating databases

  9. Support during conferences

  10.  Preparation of PEQs

  11.  And more 

After enrollment, any students who are interested can contact the Office of Student Affairs to apply for these jobs.