Professional Prospects

Given its interdisciplinary approach, the Degree in Humanities is a versatile program that enables graduates to embark on a wide range of career paths.

We are proud to say that over 96% of Humanities graduates from the University of Navarre are currently employed.
The majority of our graduates work in business (60%): due to their specialized training a growing number of Humanities graduates work in marketing and human resources. Another 20% work in cultural management, which is a rapidly developing sector. Another professional profile for our graduates is teaching (13%) thanks to the wide range of subjects they study on the program, including languages, literature, history, philosophy, psychology, geography, art, anthropology, etc.

At the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, we are committed to enabling our students to find work, which is why – from the outset – we provide them with the support they need to design their own careers.

The Degree in Humanities curriculum includes obligatory internships. Students engage with the professional world on three occasions during the program: 2nd Year (professional seminars), 3rd year (Practicum I) and 4th year (Practicum II). Such contact gives students first-hand knowledge of the many and varied professional opportunities available to our graduates.

  • Culture departments in public and private bodies

  • Art galleries, orchestras, museums, foundations, conference centers

  • Marketing departments

  • Local and community development agencies, NGOs

  • The media

  • Teaching

  • Research.

  • Human resources and training in national and international companies

Prácticas en el Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza