Applicant profile

Students should be interested in and concerned about past problems facing humanity, and keen to acquire and transmit knowledge that is useful to modern-day society.

They should have a critical and reflective attitude to events, both past and present.

They should show a willingness and keenness to read, and to improve their oral and written expression.

They require discipline to make good use of time and the ability to organize tasks.

They should be open to discussion and exchanging ideas, and willing to share their knowledge and concerns with classmates.

They should have a firm resolution to continually seek out the truth as a fundamental part of the work of a historian.

In general

Students who have passed the university entrance exam, regardless of the high school pathway completed.

Those who have passed the exam for students over 25 years old and, in general, meet the established legal requirements.

Those who have taken the entrance examination offered by the University of Navarra and organized by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences for its different degree programs.