Mentoring is an indispensable element of the educational system of the University of Navarra, which aspires to the integral formation of the students; it provides the students advice and orientation so that he or she may develop all his or her potential and take full advantage of all aspects of the university life. From the first year, a mentor is assigned to each student. 

The objectives of the mentor program are:

• To inform and guide students at the start of their university studies.

• To help develop personal habits and professional skills.

• To provide guidance on academic pathways.

• To help in the area of career guidance.

Mentoring has its own characteristics that set it apart from other professor-student relationships:

• It is personal: it provides individual advice and guidance. It is offered to all students, even those who are only attending the University for a short time such as exchange and postgraduate students.

• It is voluntary; therefore, it is not part of the academic curriculum like official subjects that have tutorials and are evaluated by assessments.

• It is university-oriented: it helps develop initiative, responsibility, and encourages students to expand their horizons beyond mere academics such as with culture, sports, solidarity, professional development, etc.

ISSA also offers a well-designed Talent Development Program to Applied Management-Gestión Aplicada students. This program seeks to enhance the differential value of each student through workshops and individualized counseling throughout the four years: 

1st year: detecting the student's abilities and motivations, as well as teaching them to organize their studies. 

2nd year: promote the Personal Brand with an analysis of the Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities of each one. 

3rd year: analyze the online and offline presence of that personal brand.

4th year: learn to position their personal brand.