Professional Prospects

One of the strengths of the departments in the School is the number and quality of national and international internships available for its students. These often lead to employment contracts.

The Degree in Spanish Philology offers a dynamic range of employment opportunities that is constantly changing. In the 21st century, linguists are present in all professional fields and have a significant impact on education and teaching, information technology, medicine and new technologies. They make a genuine difference to modern society. For those with a special interest in literature, there are numerous professional opportunities in the publishing, teaching, translation and legal industries, and various other sectors of society. The following is a list of some of the fields that present opportunities for philologists in the 21st century: 

  • Multidisciplinary research:

    • Information technology: computer linguistics, software programs, artificial languages, voice-recognition systems, robot language.

    • Medicine and health sciences: speech production, speech perception, cognitive sciences, speech disorders.

    • Biology: language development.

    • Psychology: language perception, cognitive representation of language, problems with language encoding, language acquisition/loss.

    • Physiology: temporal and spatial coordination of the vocal tract, anatomical speech problems.

    • Neuroscience: neurological disorders that affect speech development. 

    • Mathematics: optimization systems, language probability models, dynamic cognitive and language models.   

  • Teaching:

    • Second languages

    • Linguistics (and multidisciplinary fields)

    • Literature

    • Writing

    • Language

    • Text analysis 

  • Economics and Business Administration:

    • Marketing

    • Human Resources

    • Communication 

  • Law, Defense and Criminology:

    • Forensic phonetics, legal interpreting and translating, discourse analysis in law firms.

  • Journalism:

    • National and international press