The Degree in Economics & Leadership and Governance is designed for students who are interested in economics within the global context. The degree program supports students who wish to pursue their future careers at international agencies and organizations, in active politics or in the governance of large transnational organizations.

The undergraduate degree program comprises five academic years—ten semesters—offered in an international format. In addition to two semesters of overseas study at one of the more than 109 associated universities, which is a mandatory part of the Degree in Economics (IDE), students complete two International Seminars: one at Georgetown University (in Washington, D.C.) and the other at another North American university to be chosen. The topic of the seminars will be related to the program content on leadership.

This program shapes its students into economists with a capacity for analysis and leadership and who approach social, political and economic problems from a flexible and open perspective.

The program is based on economic analysis of the current situation, for which reason it is taught as an overview in the Degree in Economics program. This discipline requires the completion of the degree, which is rounded out with educational content that helps students understand the growing complexity of interrelated societies and economies in a context of globalization, multiculturalism and systemic risks.

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