3 specializations

The Design degree provides students with the opportunity to specialize by means of the following three specializations:

Product Design

This specialization provides the technical knowledge needed to design and develop creative and innovative products based on demand and production requirements. Students who take this specialization will be able to design an original product based on its specific manufacturing processes and on current design trends.

Fashion Design

This specialization involves close collaboration with the University of Navarra ISEM Fashion Business School to meet the fashion industry's demand for new professionals. Through theoretical and practical subjects, students will acquire the skills required to design a fashion product: from learning classic pattern designing to 3D modeling and prototyping, brand-communication strategies and management tasks.

Services Design

This specialization provides the basic knowledge required to design and carry out services of different kinds, from events to image campaigns. Students will be able to plan resources and respond to the needs arising from a specific job from the start: from lighting systems, furniture, temporary architecture, risk prevention, publicity, coordination, etc. Different tools and techniques from several disciplines are used to achieve this, including architecture, plastic arts, anthropology, psychology and communication.



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