Employment Opportunities

Salidas profesionales - Grado en Bioquímica

The main employment areas for biochemists are:


  • Biomedicine: Scientists in the experimental sciences and life sciences at research centers, R&D&I departments, universities and hospitals. Research in physiology and molecular pathology, molecular oncology, cell therapy and gene therapy. Health teaching and education, etc.

  • Applied biotechnology in healthcare applications: Diagnosis, vaccine development, the search for therapeutic targets and new drugs, bioengineering and nanotechnology. 

  • Research at the molecular level in the fields of biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, toxicology and pharmacology. 

Hospital-based specialists in clinical biochemistry. Access to training from hospital specialists based on selective testing for residents in the biology/biochemistry residency program (BIR) or chemistry residency program (QIR) for:

  • Clinical analysis.

  • Clinical biochemistry.

  • Microbiology and parasitology.

  • Immunology.

  • Nuclear medicine.

Professionals in the pharmaceutical, chemical, agribusiness and biotechnology industries. 

  • Product analysis in industry and laboratories. R&D&I laboratories. Production design and control for industrial biological processes: quality control in product development, production and analysis in industry and laboratories. 

  • Biotechnology companies, in tasks involving the production and improvement of biomolecules of industrial interest. Synthesis of new materials, alternative energy sources, renewable energies, nanotechnology, etc.

  • Pharmaceutical companies, development of new drugs and treatments; biological testing and the search for new therapeutic targets. 

  • Chemical industry, in particular the analysis and processing of pollutant waste. Recycling and waste management, water treatment and management, design and development of new products, pollution detection, quality control, recycling plants, etc. 

  • Food industry, production, processing and preservation of food and beverage products, dairy, meat packing and canning industries, wine industry.


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