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Perfil de ingreso - Grado en Bioquímica

In general

  • Spanish or international students, preferably with education in the sciences or health sciences, with basic knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

  • Students who have taken the entrance examination offered by the University of Navarra and organized by the School of Sciences for the Degree in Biochemistry.

  • When enrolling, the applicant must have a high school diploma or equivalent and have passed the official university entrance exam (Spain), notwithstanding the other mechanisms for access stipulated in current regulations.

  • International students are assessed remotely using a series of aptitude tests offered online. 

Specific qualities

Applicants interested in this degree program in general should possess:

- The ability to work hard.
- A marked interested in the subjects related to biochemistry and the biomedical sciences.
- A passion for research and laboratory work.
- Observational skills.
- Skills in analysis and synthesis.
- The ability to apply creativity to science.
- An entrepreneurial spirit.
- A certain level of fluency in English.

It is also recommended that students possess intellectual curiosity that pushes them to develop the tools needed to extend scientific knowledge; this requires a certain level of fluency in English.

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Santiago CairetaSantiago Carieta
Admission Coordinator
C/ Irunlarrea 1
31008 Pamplona

948 42 56 00 (ext. 806265)

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