International dimension

Biology students at the University of Navarra have access to a diverse, multicultural university campus. Nearly 70% of the student body at the University of Navarra comes from outside the region of Navarre, and more than 15% of the student body consists of international students from 80 different countries.

  • Instruction in English. In addition to seminars, tutorials and instructional and bibliographical resources, students who so wish have the opportunity to take certain subjects taught in English.

  • Students in the Degree Program in Biology have the opportunity to participate in one of the English-only programs and to be affiliated with one of the School's departments or laboratories through participation in their research and teaching activities following a schedule that fits in with their academic activities. Such additional activities contribute to students' academic and professional training and develop their vocation for academic research. Diploma programs taught in English include the Research Training Program in Biology and the Diploma in Marine Biology.

  • Exchange agreements with European universities. Exchange agreements with other universities allow students to make study and research visits in the countries of the European Area. Undergraduate students in Biology thus have the opportunity to study for a period ranging from three months to a full academic year in another European Union country and receive full credit for this period toward their degree.

  • International Internship Program. The University of Navarra Business Foundation offers financial aid and support for graduates in Biology who are interested in finding internships abroad; the Foundation serves as a direct point of contact with foreign companies.