Professional Prospects

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The demand for executive assistants coming from different types of enterprises (small and medium enterprises to large multinational, private business, cooperatives or NGOs) and business sectors: industry (automotive, food, machine tools , appliances ...), services (consulting, consulting, professional offices and studios, distribution, communication, banking, health centers, sports clubs), government (municipal, provincial, regional governments, European institutions).

Functions of the Assistants:

  • Manages within the management teams workflows between different departments of the company.

  • Serves as public relations of the company, organizing events and becoming the link with the internal and external customers.

  • Is trained for search, analysis, synthesis, referral, management and organization of information, allowing their location, use and transfer through new technologies.

  • Acts as an agent of a corporate culture based on respect for human rights with critical skills and knowledge of social problems.

Statement of positions occupied:

  • Assistant of Direction.

  • Office Manager.

  • Executive secretary.

  • Executive Manager.

  • Assistant(Export Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Legal Assistant