International dimension

Internationalization is one of the objectives of the University of Navarra. Consequently, one of the priorities of the ISSA School of Management Assistants is the mobility and internationalization of its students and professors.

The aim of the ISSA International Office is to promote, develop and manage international academic programs and offer:

  • International postgraduate programs with recognition of studies taken in the degree program

  • Summer courses at foreign universities


These programs seek to help students acquire the following skills:

  • The ability to work with others in different, multicultural environments

  • Initiative, an entrepreneurial spirit and adaptation to new situations

  • Communication skills in other languages


The Study Abroad Handbook includes the timetable for implementation and the requirements for requesting a place in an exchange program.

La Universidad promueve el intercambio de estudiantes, de cara a ofrecer una formación más completa. El servicio de Relaciones Internacionales ofrece información sobre becas, convenios y actividades.

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