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Finance & Accounting Program

Do you follow stock prices and the financial market? Have you been involved in an investment club or stock exchange competition? Are the names Soros, Bill Gross and Warren Buffett on your radar? Accounting is the language of business. The world of finance involves valuing assets and assessing risks to make the best management and investment decisions.

Finance & Accounting Program desplegable

 Students interested in pursuing a career in the areas of accounting and finance. Good analytical and quantitative skills to make decisions in contexts of uncertainty.

  • To master the techniques involved in preparing financial statements.

  •  To understand the key aspects of regulation in the field of accounting and finance and their implications.

  •  To master advanced auditing concepts.

  •  To understand and manage the tools and techniques required to value financial assets.

  •  To understand how financial markets work.

Technically advanced professionals in the areas of accounting and finance:: 

  •  A strong technical grounding in accounting- and finance-related matters.

  •  Knowledge of the global financial market and its trends.

  •  Preparation to pass the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam.

Graduates will be able to work in the following positions:

  •  ​Financial sector:

    •  ​Investment banking.

    •  ​Asset management and securities companies.

    •  ​Private banking.

    •  ​Central banking services.

    •  ​Insurance companies.

  •  ​Professional services:

    •  ​Auditing.

    •  ​Consulting.

  •  ​Finance departments in companies


 2 exchanges, 1 international seminar.

 4 years

 Business Administration (bilingual)

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