Licentiate Degree in Philosophy

Minor thesis

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For a minor thesis to be declared admissible, it is necessary to request approval of the research topic during the first year of the study program. The professor supervising the project is also responsible for mentoring students in all aspects relating to the progress of their studies.

April 30 is the last day for submitting the minor thesis to the administrative office for its assessment during the ordinary session, and June 5 is the last day for the re-sit session. Students must have passed all subjects corresponding to the two specialist years of the second cycle in order for the minor thesis to be awarded a grade.

Submission and assessment of the minor thesis will be carried out in accordance with the following regulations and criteria:

  • Four copies of the minor thesis, signed by the thesis supervisor, must be delivered to the School's administrative office. The dissertation must be between 35,000 and 45,000 words in length. The formal requirements for submission of the minor thesis can be found at the following link: FORMAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE MINOR THESIS (PDF VERSION).

  • Once the copies have been received, they will all be stamped, and one copy will be returned to the student; the relevant registration will then be formalized and the applicable fees paid.

  • The research project will be sent to each of the three professors who are members of the committee appointed to assess it.

  • This committee will convene on the date and at the time set by the Office of Student Affairs, and will proceed as follows: Following deliberation of the committee members in a closed session, the President will provide the student with feedback on the thesis. If the student wishes, he or she may request the floor in order to briefly comment on this feedback. Finally, if the President has no further discussion with the committee, he or she will inform the student of the grade awarded and adjourn the meeting.