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The School of Ecclesiastical Philosophy offers a bachelor's degree, a licentiate degree and a doctoral degree. The School endeavors to provide its students with a well-rounded education in philosophy and prepare them to be teachers and scholars with a thorough knowledge of classical and modern thought so they can carry out their work in relation to different cultural environments, in a spirit of collaboration between philosophers and theologians.

In the bachelor's degree program, students lay the foundation of their education and become familiar with the first steps of academic research. The subjects – which are a semester long – are distributed across three academic years.

The licentiate degree programs (postgraduate/master's degrees) are aimed at ensuring that students acquire a thorough understanding of a specific branch of philosophy and carry out philosophical research. The licentiate degree program is taken over two academic years, with a total of 120 ECTS credits, and includes completion of a licentiate degree dissertation and the corresponding licentiate degree oral examination.

The doctoral dissertation must consist of an original contribution to philosophical research and must be defended orally before a committee.