Office of Student Affairs

  • Prof. D. Santiago Casas Prof. D. Santiago Casas
    Associate Dean of Students and Academic Affairs
    Telephone: +34 948 425 600 Extension: 802671 Email:

Course Coordinators

  • First Year Coordinator: Prof. Santiago Collado 
  • Second Year: Prof. Martín Montoya 
  • Third Year: Prof. Miguel Brugarolas 
  • Fourth Year: Prof. Fernando Milán 
  • Fifth Year: Prof. José Alviar 
Licentiate Degrees:
  • Licentiate Degree in Biblical Theology: Prof. Vicente Balaguer 
  • Licentiate Degree in Systematic Theology: Dogmatic Theology Pathway: Prof. Alfonso Berlanga 
  • Licentiate Degree in Systematic Theology: Moral and Spiritual Theology Pathway: Rodrigo Muñoz