Bachiller en Teología


The curriculum of the Bachelor of Theology (undergraduate degree) aims to provide students with comprehensive, detailed training in theology that covers the entire Catholic faith.

The training is undertaken over five academic years.  The first two years are dedicated to studying topics related to systematic philosophy and the history of philosophy; at the same time, students are gradually introduced to consideration of the Christian faith. The following three years are dedicated to the complete theological training program through structured exposure to the corresponding subjects.

Students have access to an advisor, who will be assigned to them at the start of each academic year. This advisor will be a faculty member from the School who is responsible for providing them with orientation in their studies and offering them personal mentoring concerning any issues about the progress of their studies and their training, and how to make the most of their time at the University.

In the 2013-2014 academic year, the new curriculum (300 ECTS credits) will apply to First, Second, Third and Fourth Year students as a result of adaptation of university education to the European Higher Education Area.


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