Prospective students


  • Requirements

    • Admission to the Bachelor of Theology

      To begin the studies corresponding to the Bachelor of Theology (undergraduate), students must have passed the last year of high school (LOGSE) and provide proof that they have passed the official Spanish university entrance examination or other equivalent studies that allow access to Spanish universities, or have passed special examinations established for students over the ages of 25, 40 or 45 without the necessary qualifications. International students must prove that they have completed the required studies to be admitted to public university in their own country.

    • Admission to licentiate and doctoral degrees

      To begin any of the licentiate degrees in Theology (postgraduate/master's degrees) students must provide proof that they hold the Bachelor of Theology degree or have completed institutional ecclesiastical studies at a duly recognized center of the Catholic Church.

      To be admitted to the doctoral degree program, students must prove that they hold the Licentiate Degree in Theology (postgraduate/master's).

  • Admissions and entrance examinations

    Admission to the School must be applied for using the printed forms provided for this purpose by the School's Administrative Office or by downloading them in PDF from this website. Printed forms must be duly completed (including a photograph) and submitted along with a detailed academic transcript showing the following studies:

    • Candidates for the Bachelor of Theology:

      A copy of the card certifying that the student has passed the official Spanish university entrance examination or another degree that grants access to the University, or has passed examinations for students over the ages of 25, 40 or 45 without the necessary qualifications. International students must provide a transcript of completed studies that also certifies that those studies grant them access to public universities in their own country. If they wish to take advantage of the provisions of section 6.7 below (Recognition of the civil effects of degrees and qualification certificates issued by the Schools of Ecclesiastical Studies), they must obtain official recognition from the Spanish Ministry of Education of their pre-university studies and have passed the Spanish university entrance examination.


    • Candidates for a specialized licentiate degree:

      The certificates required for Bachelor of Theology students and a transcript that clearly indicates the grades obtained in each of the subjects making up the first cycle.

    • Candidates for the doctoral degree:

      The transcript from the licentiate degree program listing each subject and the Licentiate Degree in Theology.

      Doctoral degree candidates must demonstrate their ability to translate texts in the modern languages required to carry out doctoral work.

      To gain access to doctoral studies, students must apply for provisional admission.

      Seminarians, members of the clergy, members of Institutes of Consecrated Life and members of Societies of Apostolic Life must also provide written permission from their Superior to be able to enroll in the corresponding study programs. Priests must submit a written document certifying that they are qualified to carry out, during their time at the School, the pastoral work inherent to their priesthood. For candidates residing in Spain, the deadline for application is May 15. Candidates living abroad should apply for admission by February 15. The Administrative Office of the School, or the Advisor or Delegate of the School in each country, will inform candidates of the steps that must be taken in each case.

      If you cannot supply all the required documents when you submit your application, please indicate the reason; it is not possible to register in the School without submitting all the documents.

    Admission is granted based on the student's academic history, the results of any entrance examinations and complementary data (aptitudes, geographical origin, age, etc.) that enable the establishment of a fair order of priority among applicants. Each year in January or February, the University of Navarra holds an entrance examination sitting for students over the age of 25 who do not possess the required qualifications; prospective students of the School of Theology and the Higher Institutes of Religious Sciences may sit for this examination.

    • Para los candidatos residentes en España, el plazo para solicitar la admisión finaliza el 15 de mayo. Se recomienda que los candidatos residentes en el extranjero soliciten la admisión antes del 15 de febrero.

  • Recognition of previous studies

    Students admitted to the School of Theology from other Schools who have completed studies that correspond, in whole or in part, to the studies of the School, can transfer credits from these studies in accordance with general canonical rules and the statutes of the School. Students must request credit transfer from the President of the University using the forms provided by the Administrative Office of the School and include with their application their transcript with grades and the syllabi for completed subjects they wish to transfer.