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Admission Exam in Pamplona *

The School of Medicine welcomes students who have achieved a mark of 7 / 10 or higher during their 1st year of Baccalaureate (or equivalent). The application must be completed in the appropriate manner for each profile (through

Applicant's Admission will be based on:

  • 70%: the final score of the Admission's UNAV test.

  • 30%: the Grade Point Average (GPA) of the 1st year of Baccalaureate (or equivalent), taking in consideration those subjects certified by the educational center where the studies were taken. 

The objective of the admission exam is to evaluate candidates’ preparation to successfully complete the Degree in Medicine.


The Academic and Scientific text (reading comprehension) part of the test can be done in Spanish or English. The parts are broken down as follows:

Academic - 85% (Exam model in PDF)

A scientific text– 5%- 30 questions - This part of the exam will contain:

A scientific text will be given and students should be able to understand it and retain its fundamental ideas and data

English- 10%

Additionally, the exam will also have a listening comprehension test in English.

Students will be called to the exam at 15:00 and the test will start at 15:30. The whole exam is estimated to last 4 hours, and must be completed without a calculator. Wrong answers will not have a negative impact on the final result.

In order to prepare for this exam, it may be useful to read: 

  • The web of the Olympics  of BiologyChemistry and Physics

  • The book: How to prepare a multiple choice exam (M. BES-RASTROLLO; F.J. JIMENEZ-RUIZ), EUNSA 2009. ISBN 9788431326449


- Admitted: Permission to formalize registration through miUNAV.

- Conditional admission: These candidates are admitted to the Faculty. They have until the date indicated by the Faculty to delivery their English certificate (in the case of applicants International Program). When the documentation is complete, the Faculty will give a definitive resolution. 

- Admitted In another degree: Permission to enroll in the degrees indicated through miUNAV.

- Denied:  Not admitted to any degree.

Pending Documentation: These requests have no resolution yet. They are pending the entrance exam score to the University that must be presented before July 1 through miUNAV portal.

Candidates, who have not been admitted to Medicine and would like a second consideration by the Faculty, can make a request through the miUNAV portal in the part "Contact / Help"

For the Faculty to study your case, the instance must be accompanied with your Evau Card or UNED Credential.


How to apply to study at the University

Given the wide range and number of university programs currently available, you should bear in mind that the university where you earn your degree will make a difference on your professional résumé.

Admission to the School

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