Clinical Placement (Outgoing)

  • What are the selection criteria for the Clinical Placement program?

    A. Academic Requirements
    In order to accept applications for clinical rotations and the following assignment of places, the Service of Professional Careers holds the following criteria:

    1. Be student of the 4th year or higher. In the case of the USA, of the 5th year.

    2. Have passed all subjects from the first semester and not have pending subjects from other years.

    3. Have available the certificate of the expected language level for each destination, as indicated below in Section B

    B  Language Requirements
    I. English Speaking Countries of Practices in English

    The student must present attached to the application for clinical practice a photocopy of one of the following certificates:

    • Cambridge English Exams: Proficiency-CPE or Advanced-CAE (in this case it is necessary to have passed the Proficiency-CPE exam after the 31st of December, 2014 with ≥ 75/100 points and Advanced-CAE passed from after January 1st, 2015 ≥193). Apart from this certification, in both cases one must attach the statement of results.

    • TOEFL iBT (Internet-based Total): ≥93 points (recommended for EEUU)

    •  IELTS ≥ 7 points.

    Old certificates: The certificates of Cambridge English or TOEFL must be less than 2 years old from the beginning of the call for applications for the clinical practice abroad programs, which will open in October of 2015.

    *Important: From the academic year 2017/2018 in advance, the only valid title will be the TOEFL (≥93 points).

    II. Other countries (France, Germany, Italy)

    The student must present a photocopy attached to their application of an official certificate of the language of the destination country, with the minimum levels of:

    • Belgium and Germany: B2

    • Austria: B1

    • Italy: A2

    In the case that all places have not been covered in the first call, the School will offer a test in the Institute of Languages to those students who have an old title (more than 2 years) or with a level below the established requirements. Those students who do best on this test will be able to access a second call, which will continue with the same criteria as the first call (especially the academic transcript).

  • What steps must be followed to participate in the Clinical Placement program?

    Required documentation that you have to present to the Mobility Services to request Clinical Placement (office 2A-08, mezzanine of the Sciences Building)

    I. Application (pdf) signed by the student:
    *Important: In the section on preferences in the application, you must include in order as many options of destinations as you might like. In the case of the USA, we recommend that you specify the country (USA) and all the universities that interest you in order of preference. You must keep in mind that each university has its own number of limited places, and to include more than one university will increase the possibilities of making a stay.

    II. Photocopy of the accrediting certificate of language knowledge.
    Graduates from high schools of the English or American systems may request the substitution of this requirement, although this requirement is subject to approval by the School.

    Important: If the language certificate is not included at the same time as the application is submitted, the student may formally request, through the same form, an extraordinary extension until the deadline of the 22th of January. This application for extension must be expressly stated in the request.

    III. Copy of the academic transcript obtained through Academic Management.
    The deadline for entering the applications for clinical rotations of the summer 2016 is the 27th of November; however, the applications for practices in Heidelberg, Gratz and Bologna must be entered before the 15th of November.



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