International Scope

The School of Medicine at the University of Navarra has a significant international dimension that is enhanced each year through exchange agreements with universities in other countries. The Medical School’s global recognition is also strengthened by its affiliation with: Medical Education in Europe Network (MEDINE) of European medical schools, Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), the Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE), and its Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited teaching hospital - The University Clinic (CUN). As a result of this increasing demand and prestigiousness, the International Medical Degree Program was developed.


Students in the International Program who wish to complete part of their studies abroad with one of our global university partners can rely on The Mobility Services and International Office to organize the exchange. International students are also accepted to complete part of their studies here at the Medical School in Pamplona.


In addition, the School of Medicine is part of the Spanish University Exchange System program (SICUE) which aims to provide students with the opportunity to take classes at other Spanish universities. Once students have been awarded a SICUE placement, they will be eligible for a Seneca Scholarship. 


Classes taught in English
Medical science is constantly developing and as a result practitioners and researchers must stay up-to-date through habitual contact with the leading medical literature, actively participate in scientific conferences and international collaborative research networks; all of which primarily takes place in the English language.

Therefore, The School of Medicine requires students to have knowledge of English when they enroll in the International Program and to reach a practical level of competence that will enable them to fully develop their specialties and participate in a global medical industry.


Patricia Sáinz de Robredo Jiménez
Mobility Service Coordinator

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