International Career Services

The School of Medicine International Career Center provides support to students and graduates who want to expand their careers outside of Spain. We offer the opportunity to develop professional skills, self-assessment for foreign licensing board exams, and facilitate in the process of legal documentation required by foreign medical systems. 

Services offered:

  • International clinical exchange rotations

    Date: Summer break

    If you have completed your 4th you may be eligible for an international clinical exchange rotation with one of our partner universities during your summer break . Availability preference goes to the IP students. If space is available, students in other programs may request an international exchange.  For more information please visit mobility services.

    For more information please contact Patricia Sáinz de Robredo  


  • Information session

    Date:  TBA

    • Taking the USMLE: During this session we invite a guest speaker who has taken the USMLE to share their experience.

    • Residency in the USA: We invite a UNAV graduate that has completed their residency in the USA to share their experience.

    For more information please contact John Oliver

  • Assessment for foreign licensing exams

    September 14, 2019

    The School of Medicine offers self-assessment with the IFOM, an official exam designed by NBME. If you have completed your 3rd you can enroll in the IFOM exam. The test can evaluate your preclinical knowledge before taking the USMLE Step 1. For more information about IFOM click here

    For more information please contact John Oliver  


  • Career transitions

    The international career service can provide support for documentation required by foreign medical systems. Areas of service include: residency applications, official fast track Diploma, and facilitate in the procedures required by ECFMG for access to USMLE Step 1 & 2. For more information about the ECFMG and USA documentation process click here.

    For more information about services and cost please contact Ana Belen


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