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Events at #MedUNAV


Clinical Case Competition
Participate in a global competition that will give you an opportunity to test whether you truly want to be part of the profession that has never changed the core of its activity: people. Form a team of 4 or 5 participants and begin to put on the doctor's robe. More info

Open Door Day
November 11th and April 14th
The open door day is a unique opportunity for parents and students to get to know the different faculties and schools of the University of Navarra. You will get to know the facilities yourself and resolve questions you may have about the Medical Degree and its different itineraries. In addition, you will be able to attend informative sessions about scholarships and housing.


Día 5: Unitour Oviedo


Día 7: Unitour Bilbao


Día 10: Jornada de Puertas Abiertas en Pamplona


Día 12: Unitour Sevilla


Día 15: Unav en Andorra


Día 20 y 21: Entrevistas en Gijón



Día 27: Jornada de Introducción Bilbao + Unav en Bilbao


Día 29: Unav en Barcelona



Día 4: Unav en Madrid


Día 13: Unitour San Sebastián


Día 18: Unitour vigo


Día 19: Unitour La Coruña



Día 14: Entrevistas en Barcelona


Día 15: Jornada de Introducción en Mallorca + Unav en Mallorca


Día 16: Unitour Logroño


Día 17: Unitour Vitoria


Día 21: Unav en Logroño


Día 22: Jornada de Introducción La Coruña + Unav en La Coruña + Unav en Lleida + Unav en Vitoria


Día 23: Entrevistas en Santiago de Compostela + Unav en Arnedo


Día 24: Jornada de Introducción Vigo + Unav en Vigo + Unav en Huesca + Unav en Tudela

Para consultar la información sobre el lugar y horarios de cualquier Unitour, puede ir a la web


Why study at the Universidad?

Today we will find an abundance of academic offers from Universities. You must keep in mind that to earn a degree from one university or another will be a differentiator in your professional resume.

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