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Origin, development and purpose

The University of Navarra School of Pharmacy was opened in October 1964 with 40 students. Full Professor of Drug Design Félix Álvarez de la Vega was the School's first dean. It was Spain's fifth School of Pharmacy, and the first created in the twentieth century.

As of today, 5,500 students and hundreds of faculty members and non-academic staff have passed through our classrooms and offices. However, the School's objectives are still the same: the comprehensive development of people in society, a commitment to the search for truth in a changing environment, educational and research excellence, and close contact with social and profession realities, especially in the healthcare field.

In recent years, these objectives have been joined by the goal of internationalization: we live in a society that is increasingly globalized, in which fluency in English is assumed. The job market increasingly calls for professionals with life experience abroad, professionals who have had relations and living experiences with people from different cultures, and who know how to work on multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. An approach to internationalization that touches on all levels of the School, both faculty and students, offering new international diplomas and exchange and mobility programs with international universities and institutions in order to encourage everyone at the School to enjoy international experiences.

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