Promotion of Health


Research areas

Objectives are focused on two research areas:

1) Promotion of health in the family
The goal of this area is to study the promotion of health and how healthy lifestyles are adopted in the family. The objects of research include the role played by family members in making healthy decisions and the contextual factors that affect these decisions, such as the role of nursing, cultural aspects, and the family's physical living environment and socio-economic standing.

2) Positive health and healthy environments
The objects of research in this area are health promotion at the personal and social levels. The first focus is on the educational process for individuals, families and communities to increase control of their own health and improve it over the course of their lifetime. The second focus is on actions aimed at modifying the environment and the social and environmental conditions that have an impact on health.


Navidad Canga
Area Coordinator

General contact:
C / Irunlarrea, 1
31008 Pamplona

+ 34 948 42 56 45