Chronic Diseases and End-of-Life Care


Research areas

Objectives are focused on three research areas:

1) Living with a Chronic Disease
This area seeks to examine and understand the mechanisms involved in everyday life with a chronic disease in order to design, implement and evaluate innovative, individualized and effective nursing interventions that help patients and their families accept and live with the disease, lead normal lives and participate in self-care.

2) The Sustainable Caregiving Family and Dependence on Others
This area's goal is to explore the experiences and needs of families facing the phenomenon of dependence, and to develop new and effective nursing interventions to support the sustainable caregiving family.

3)  End-of-Life Care
This area seeks to explore the experiences, responses and needs of patients and families in the advanced stage of illness in order to design, implement and evaluate effective innovative interventions that promote well-being at the end of life.


Ana Carvajal Valcárcel
Coordinator area

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