Origin, development and purpose

The School of Nursing started its activity in 1954. It was one of the first centers in what was known as the Estudio General established by the University of Navarra in 1960.

From the start, the School aimed to provide nursing training with a clear academic and professional focus. While the School promotes Nursing Science as per the University of Navarra's statement of core values, it also aims to train students to become highly qualified professionals from an academic and human perspective who are capable of providing nursing care to people, families and society. Therefore, an essential part of its mission is to train its own faculty members in teaching, care, research and management, so they achieve the highest levels of academic and professional skills.

Distinctive features

  • Nurses with a humanistic, ethical and academic background

    • With a well-rounded human, cultural and ethical education that enables them to work with a sense of devotion to humankind while respecting the dignity of people, whether healthy or ill, and their situations.

    • With the competence needed to provide nursing care to individuals supported by well-grounded scientific foundations, and with the competence to carry out their work in an international environment.

    • With an academic education that encourages the search for truth and the development of free and critical thinking.

    • Special importance is placed on the acquisition of communication and teamwork skills.

  • The importance of clinical internships

    The structure of the clinical internship process is focused on the student to encourage leadership, promote reflective practice, integrate students into the nursing team and encourage individualized attention.

  • Internationalization

    International relations with universities of excellence are utilized in the development of the specific role of the nurse.

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